Insert electronic signature

to your software thanks to the LiveConsent API.

Extend the value to your users with an affordable, secure and quick to implement service.

Improve your tools

Integrate the electronic signature into your collaborative work tools, and enrich your commercial proposals.

Accelerate your processes

Optimize your time. Make your processes more fluid, and give your documents a compliant and legal dimension.

Collect & archive

Collect signatures, then archive each document as unique and complete proof of client/prospect consent.


installation thanks to the documentation of ourLiveConsent API


your applications with our

LiveConsent API

and become more efficient

LiveConsent’s API is easy to use and deploy. Our API allows you to collect consent from your customers or prospects for standard requirements such as terms and conditions, terms of service, quote or purchase order validations, confidentiality agreements and disclosure policies. With a single click on websites and mobile applications your users will be able to digitally sign their consent.


LiveConsent provides you with complete documentation to help you set up the API according to your own needs and scenarios.

Whether you are looking for a simple electronic signature integration or a complex workflow, we have what you need.

Accelerate Sales

Get the signatures you need faster while freeing you from the waiting and reminders needed to get your projects off the ground.

Keep Up-to-date

Follow-up swiftly with an intuitive dashboard showing the current signature status of all documents, anytime.

Take advantage of free

With the free version of LiveConsent, get up to 6 documents signed per month, no credit card required.

Reduce Delays

No more printer and scanner hassles! Save time for you and your clients! In just a few clicks, sign or get documents signed.

Avoid constraints

Compatible with all devices and platforms, signers can affix their signatures anytime, anywhere.

Be more productive

Speed up your workflow by signing contracts and quotes in record time with LiveConsent’s secure signing platform.