Simple and intuitive to use

This page details the steps to send documents to be signed online. Never has signing electronically been so accessible and affordable.

Choose the document to sign
Enter the recipients’ email addresses
Specify where to sign
Send the document (with reminders)
Receive the signed document (PDF)

Add the document to be signed

First, pick the document to be signed. To prevent modifications, the document must be in PDF format.

You may optionally include a message along with your document when sending to recipients, whether they are signers or observers.
Vous avez également la possibilité de laisse un message qui accompagnera votre document lors de sa transmission à votre destinataire (qu’il soit signataire ou observateur).

  • Secure Access
  • Backed-up document

  • Accessible from any device
  • Add a message to recipients

Select recipients

Fill in the recipients’ information. Recipients may be signers (those whose signature is required) or simply observers (those who may consult the document without signing).

If your signature is required, simply include yourself as a signer.

  • Add Signers
  • Add Observers

  • Extra signer authentication via SMS

Define signature zones

After uploading the document, pick and place the signature areas.

Once the zones are defined, the document can be sent to signers.

  • Define a signature area per signer

  • Send the document or save it to send later.

Sign and get signed

The document can be signed by the different signers in less than 2 minutes.

LiveConsent takes care of sending a reminder in your stead via email to those who have not yet signed the document.

You can view the signing status at any time, and you will also receive an email with the document attached once it has been signed.

  • Obtain signed documents in less than 2 minutes
  • Track the status of your documents

  • Automated reminders
  • Receive signed PDF documents by email

Track projects

LiveConsent helps you save time and increase efficiency. Registered signers will receive an automated reminder by email for up to 30 days that the document is awaiting their online signature.

At any time, you can access a dashboard displaying the progress of your projects to be signed.

  • Dashboard with statuses

  • Automated reminders