About us

LiveConsent is a French company
based in Saint Quentin en Yvelines (France)

At LiveConsent, our ambition is to provide high-quality services, while focusing on the essentials and remaining accessible to small businesses.

We offer a free version for those who wish to try our electronic signature platform without any commitment before adopting it in their daily life.

As a trusted service provider, LiveConsent uses an advanced electronic signature that complies with the European Union’s eIDAS regulations.

Documents signed via LiveConsent are digital, original documents that are admissible in court. Each signer receives the signed, digital, original document by email that can be stored as usual.

Our service has been adopted by more than 7000 active users from a few hundred organizations and companies of various sizes and industries.

With LiveConsent, wherever you are, you can sign and get contracts or quotes signed in just a few minutes.

Recipients can see your signature and securely affix their own.

You know the hassles of classic document signing with multiple signers: printing, signing, scanning, returning, waiting, reminding.

Our team at your service

As our mission is to provide an accessible service, our team cultivates a close relationship with our users.

We’re here to help on a daily basis.

A Made-in-France platform


The LiveConsent platform is published by Almetis (almetis.com), a French company specializing in electronic signature technology. Almetis, also based in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, maintains the platform in operational condition.

This high-availability platform is implemented on a dual-data center infrastructure in the Paris area. LiveConsent data is only used and stored on the platform’s machines.

We are proud to host our service on private, secure infrastructure in French data centers.

On a daily basis, we work with French and European partners.

Our partners

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