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LiveConsent is a digital solution that allows you to accelerate the decision-making process by signing contracts and quotes in mere minutes with just a few clicks.

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Consult all pending contracts and securely sign contracts using a convenient control system.

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LiveConsent facilitates contract management by simplifying the signing process. By ensuring each signer’s choice is respected, mutual consent can be secured between parties. Sign all your documents in just a few clicks with LiveConsent.

LiveConsent: An easy, flexible solution for all your contracts and administrative procedures.

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No more printer and scanner hassles! Save time for you and your clients! In just a few clicks, sign or get documents signed.

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Speed up your workflow by signing contracts and quotes in record time with LiveConsent’s secure signing platform.

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Follow-up swiftly with an intuitive dashboard showing the current signature status of all documents, anytime.

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Compatible with all devices and platforms, signers can affix their signatures anytime, anywhere.

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With the free version of LiveConsent, get up to 6 documents signed per month, no credit card required.

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Wherever you are, sign and get contracts or quotes signed in just a few seconds. Recipients see your signature and can securely affix their own.

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