LiveConsent – Electronic signature for your documents & contracts

Electronic signature for your documents & contracts

LiveConsent is the digital consent service allowing any signer to guarantee contractual commitment (Contract, Convention, Commercial Offer, Legal Document . . .).

Sign your first live documents with your partners.


Easy to use, legal and cost effective

Easy to Use

An urgent need to have a document signed?

In a few clicks, LiveConsent is the simplest and fastest way to sign documents.

LiveConsent makes life easier !


LiveConsent is a secure and legal signature in compliance with European and international standards and regulations.

Requester or signer, our legal experts are there to help you.

Cost Effective

Forget papers, postal stamps and repeated phone or email reminders…

LiveConsent takes care of everything to save your time, money and energy!

And in addition the savings are the same for your partner.


Do as they do!

"With LiveConsent the entire internship agreement process is computerized, which allows us to be much more efficient and focus on assisting students in their internship. The LiveConsent tools are very good, simple and efficient, in addition to a careful and very professional accompaniment of the teams. It is essential for me to work like this with a partner and "icing on the cake" with a cost equivalent to that of the mails"

Christophe Gerbron


"LiveConsent combines simplicity, speed, efficiency and allows me to optimize my time in my relations with my clients and partners. As a conclusion, with LiveConsent, we were able to save time and money !"

Jean-Marc Giudicelli




Your documents are sensitive and we know that.

We use encryption technologies to ensure the confidentiality and security of each of your requests and documents at all times. By design, LiveConsent integrates the respect of French and European regulations in terms of management of personal data.

LiveConsent guarantees the same service for all: control of access to your documents, control of the signer, a certified electronic signature and the preservation of documents.


LiveConsent API

To customize the experience of your customers, we offer the LiveConsent API for signing your documents.

The integration within your applications or your websites is simple and feasible within a few days. So do not wait, contact us and request access to the LiveConsent API to automate your signing and archiving processes.

Digitalize your end-to-end business processes!

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